Who Is Dr. Dana And What Is Strong Marriage Now?

Give Me 8 Minutes And 25 Seconds…
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If You Feel Like You’re The Only One Trying To Make This Thing Work, You Need This.

Discover How To Save Your Marriage Without Uncomfortable And Expensive Therapy.

Dr. Dana Fillmore has helped thousands of couples via her in person practice of more than 25 years.

She has been featured on TV and radio including the Steve Harvey Show and Oprah’s OWN Network.

With the Strong Marriage Now System, Dr. Dana has brought the same marriage rescuing success online to be used by struggling couples across the globe.

Strong Marriage Now is an online marriage counseling and coaching solution you can use to regain the love, rekindle the passion and save your marriage!

Thanks For Helping Us Get On The Same Page

Robyn & Dave

We Know We’re Going To Be Okay Thanks To Dr. Dana

Matt & Angie

9 Proven Steps To Save Your Marriage…

Step #1: Assess

Figure Out How You Got Here

Step #2: Explore

Exam Attitudes & Expectations

Step #3: Realize

Recognize It Is Normal To Fall In & Out Of Love

Step #4: Resolve

Discover How To STOP Fighting & Regain Peace In Your Home

Step #5: Communicate

Understand Each Others Point Of View

Step #6: Forgive

Let Go Of Past Resentments & Move Forward

Step #7: Align

Agree On The Marriage The Will Make You Both Happy

Step #8: Connect

Rekindle Pure Passion & Fulfilling Intimacy

Step #9: Love

Feel True Affection, Respect & Devotion

Stop Searching For Answers And Start Implementing A Solution.

In As Little As 7 Weeks, Your Marriage Problems Could Be In The Rearview Mirror.

Most Couples Notice A Positive Shift In 30 Days

The Strong Marriage Now system is an innovative alternative to in person counseling that is done completely online and will help you get your marriage back on track.

The Strong Marriage Now System consists of 25 no-fluff coaching videos with Dr. Dana that are the equivalent of six months of one-on-one couples therapy.

Even if only ONE spouse follows it.

This system focuses on a few critical principles, techniques and tools that when applied transform your relationship and marriage for the better.

Start Saving Your Marriage TODAY!

Strong Marriage Now

This proven, step-by-step program, designed to help you regain the love, rekindle the passion and fix your marriage from your home without; the schedule juggling, the awkward drives to and from in person marriage counseling appointments and spending thousands of dollars on a therapist who has little to no track record of success.

Our Guarantee To You: We believe so much in the ability for the Strong Marriage Now system to save a marriage that we offer 100% money back guarantee. If you watch all the videos, implement the system, and it does NOT work for you, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

We have learned to sincerely love and laugh with each other, and to show each other exactly what we mean to one another every day.

Tammy & Jim

“Dr. Dana has given me solid tools to use to help me in my marriage. I love how Dr. Dana is so direct, she tells you like it is!!”

Christine & Scott

Ready To Save Your Marriage?

Dr. Dana’s proven system and practical advice, makes sense, is easy to implement, and produces the results you are a looking for.

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